EveRoy Services was founded on and continues to provide a high quality metal fabrication service. Whether cutting, folding, rolling, punching, milling or turning Everoy Services provides a fast and efficient in house service. 


 Metalwork Cutting

Everoy Services employs two in-house cutting mechanisms to provide sized metal work. The guillotine is able to cut 1/4inch plate in sheets up to 8ft whilst the plasma cutter is able to provide more intricate shapes and curves as required. These systems provide highly accurate metal work for the given project.


Metalwork Folding

One of the most important strength aspects in metal fabrication is the ability to minimise joints by folding of the metal work to the required angle. Everoy services is able to fold any form of metalwork sheet utilising 2 in-house machines. The first can handle metal sheets up to 8ft in length and 1/4inch in thickness and the second  handles sheets up to 3m and 10mm in thickness. 



Rolling Pressing and Punching

Everoy Services is able to manufacture an array of shapes, curves and intricate holes to match even the most ingenious clients requirements. Utilising three pieces of heavy duty machinery the company provides in-house rolling facilities up to a plate width of 2m and to a thickness of 4mm. The two other in-house machines are able punch and press intricate and accurate shapes to order.



Milling and Turning

As part of it's maintenance service, Everoy Services is called upon to replace worn parts and sometimes create new parts. To do this the company employs it's own in-house department utilising a number of machines to turn and mill these parts. The tolerances of these parts can be so significant that by having the manufacture taking place all in-house the quality can be assured.